The slow life of the countryside

The beating heart of our farmhouse, San Rocco, is interwoven with deep connections with our origins, nature and the territory.

Here, we embrace the slow life, harvesting the genuine fruits of the earth and sharing the richness of local traditions. Our concept is reflected in the desire to make a place known through its foods, its sayings and its stories handed down from generation to generation. San Rocco is more than a structure; it is an invitation to rediscover the simplicity and authenticity of rural Tuscan life.

Connection with nature

We wish to offer our guests an immersive experience, where the connection with the land translates into genuine flavors and shared traditions. San Rocco is the ideal retreat for those seeking a return to their roots, an immersion in nature and a connection with the relaxed pace of country life.

Our farmhouse, anchored to its roots, is a journey steeped in tradition and authenticity. In addition to harvesting the products of the land, we are committed to sharing not only foods but also local sayings, stories and customs. San Rocco thus becomes a continuous rediscovery of the past and present, a place where guests can immerse themselves in Tuscan culture, savoring life in harmony with nature and the peaceful rhythms of the area. Here, every moment becomes a precious piece in the fabric of the rural experience we want to offer.

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