The territory

The Agriturismo San Rocco is set in an area rich in history, culture and natural beauty, in a strategic position that will allow you to comfortably explore the main Tuscan cities and their treasures.


Stroll through the ancient streets of Pistoia, a city rich in history and medieval charm, where every corner tells of centuries of tradition and culture.


Lose yourself within the medieval walls of Lucca, a city with fairy-tale atmospheres and hidden treasures, where art and architecture blend harmoniously.


Discover the timeless enchantment of Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, where artistic masterpieces and historical splendor welcome you in every square and alley.


Explore the Chianti hills, where vineyards and olive groves extend to the horizon, giving you breathtaking views and unforgettable tastings.


Relax among the mountain peaks, where the fresh air and wild landscapes invite you to explore unspoiled nature.


Abandon yourself to the charm of the sea, where golden beaches and crystal clear waters welcome you for days of relaxation and fun under the Tuscan sun.

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